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Easter Egg Hunting with Penless

With Easter fast approaching I know my family and I cannot wait for everyone to get together and celebrate.  I love when the whole family can get together, but I also love preparing Easter Egg Baskets for my nieces and nephews. Not only do I load it up with Easter candy (they are not my kids) but I also put some Penless stickers in their baskets.   Our family always puts together a huge Easter egg hunt every year and the kids go crazy over it.  We get pretty creative with what we put inside the eggs; some have money, and most have chocolate, sometimes we leave some duds that don’t even have anything, and we get a laugh from watching their reactions.  There are always a few eggs that we make sure to hide really well that are filled with a little extra cash and chocolates.  This year we are adding Penless to the egg hunt.   Not only do the stickers add a nice decorative touch, but we are adding clues with some video stickers attached to the eggs.  These clues will lead to the few “special” eggs we stash with extra goodies.  Each year the kids look forward to how we are going to add something new and Penless will be the perfect touch this year.



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