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If the Thread Fits

Last year, during the time of working from home and online schooling, I have found that having a household full of people all day long can sometimes be a challenge. During that time, I determined I needed at least an hour a day to myself, as not to go completely crazy.  I decided to take up a new hobby – quilting!  With Winter upon us, we can always use more quilts on cold evenings.


So, it was time to dust off my sewing machine, find a little space for myself and start my new activity.  I started with something small, like a face mask.  I mastered that task pretty easily.  For a fleeting moment, all was right with the world.  Then came the bigger project – the quilt.


The quilting world is full of terms, acronyms, and technique names that I definitely am not familiar with.  What is a tiny pizza cutter? A jelly roll pattern? A walking foot?  Then there are the different types of batting: polyester, cotton, cotton/poly blend, wool, bamboo and silk.  I was hit by an overwhelming sense that I may never be able to understand it all.


Well, It took a little while, but now I make a pretty nice quilt.  For every quilt I make, I sew on a Penless Fabric Label.  These are so cute and I am able to document who I made the quilt for, when I made it and if it is a gift for someone.  With these fabric labels, I can sew them on the inside of a beach bag I am giving to my niece or onto a stuffed animal that I’m giving to my baby nephew.  The possibilities are endless!


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