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Add Video to your Morning Brew☕

Coffee first…Everything else can wait.  If you think coffee is one of Mother Nature’s gifts to humanity, well you are not alone.  This global phenomenon is not only an experience for your senses but a lifestyle.  I’ve come to find out that making someone’s day could be as simple as buying them a cup of coffee.  I know many times that would make my day.  If you really want to make it memorable, add a drop of video to that cup of joe☕ A VideoDrop is the perfect pick-me-up.


I was first introduced to Penless VideoDrops through one of my friends who gave me a couple bags of coffee beans from Costa Rica. She put a VideoDrop on the bag and attached a little message to it.  I loved it and could not wait to use VideoDrops myself.  I sent a few out to some of my coffee friends and they have all loved the idea.  It is safe to say that VideoDrops has gained a fan base of coffee connoisseurs!


Good ideas start with brainstorming, great ideas start with coffee”


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