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The Art of the Bean

Some people rely on coffee to get them through the day, others rely on getting enough sleep. No matter which category you fall into, I hope we can all agree that coffee has definitely tempted us a few times (or maybe a few thousand times). But on the other hand, we all know one person who likes everything cream-based. As for myself, I deal with the temptations of coffee every morning. Each day is a debate whether I should pour a second glass or not. It gets me though the daily grind (no pun intended).

Who knew a discovery by the shepherds in 800 A.D. would be one of the biggest trends in the twenty-first century. Starbucks has made a classic cup of joe into something new. They have essentially transformed the drink into something even more universal. Between the frappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and macchiatos there is a drink for everyone. The unique flavors and “secret” menu concoctions has attracted millions of customers. The limited time unicorn frapp and seasonal pumpkin spice latte, are always big hits.


Other coffee shops around the world have adapted to all the creations you can make with coffee. The art of the bean is continually evolving.


Most things come and go as the years fly by. Once a popular invention, later masked by new and better one…but not for coffee. As the years go by, 250+ years to be exact, it keeps getting more and more popular. I presume this is because the effects it has on us, as well as the deliciousness of this cup of gold. One invention early in time has been warped into a drink that can depict our mood for the day.

All the avid coffee drinkers probably have a go-to drink as well as a go-to coffee shop. And the baristas have probably come close to memorizing your order as well as the slightest details that will make or break your drink, meaning your day is practically ruined or it will go smoothly. I go to whole foods  each morning and get the iced vanilla latte with low fat milk, and easy ice. Oh and an extra pump of syrup for good measure! And no, I don’t have to say this each morning, they have it ready for me Monday through Friday at 7am sharp.


Recently, my girlfriend has been getting tired of her same old cup of coffee and I wanted her to try getting the same drink as me. So I surprised her one morning with an iced vanilla latte with low fat milk, easy ice, and an extra pump of syrup. Since it was the weekend, I knew she was sleeping in late. I attached a Penless sticker on the cup with a video saying “Good Morning, I hope you enjoy!” I have surprised her before and put Penless stickers on just about every gift I give her. It makes her smile even more than what the actual gift would. Although I love coffee, and giving it out to people to make their day, I think Penless has definitely increased the amount of joy people get when receiving any gift I give them!

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