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Go Ducks!!

Like many of us, it is hard to figure out what to get others for gifts.  This is why one of my favorite features of the Penless app is the Wish List. Since I do not enjoy browsing in stores and shopping, the Wish list made my life much easier.  I have a lot of birthdays to shop for this month and I would be lost if I didn’t know what people wanted.  One of the hardest persons to buy for is my brother.  He has very unique taste.  After years of not getting what he wanted, he downloaded the free Penless app and now he is happy with all the gifts he gets.  The Wish list allows you to create your own personalized list of items you would like to receive.  It is so easy.  You can upload a picture of a gift you may want that is already on your phone, take a picture of it when you are at a store, or if you are browsing the web, take a picture and add it to your Wish List.

So, I looked on my brothers Wish List and I saw that he wanted hockey tickets to a Ducks playoff game.  Since it is playoff season now for the NHL,  I am in luck.  I went to StubHub and purchased two tickets.  I thought it would be fun for both of us to go to the game.  I have been to one other Ducks playoff game before so I remember all the excitement that is in the arena as the teams gets closer and closer to the coveted Stanley Cup.


The Anaheim Ducks  were founded in 1993.  Owned by The Walt Disney Company, the original name was the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.  This name was based on the Disney film The Mighty Ducks from 1992. This was interesting since Disney was the all-American family-friendly brand.  For them to form a full contact sports team such as hockey, where brutal fights are commonplace, seemed not so G-rated.  The name, The Mighty Ducks, combined the movie industry, brand marketing, and professional sports.   The name then changed to the Anaheim Ducks before the 2006-2007 season when franchise was sold.


As we entered the arena, everyone was handed an orange Ducks T-shirt.  Between the T-shirts and the orange rally towels on all the seats, it was a sea of orange.  We did see the occasional red jersey since the Ducks were playing the Calgary Flames. They were few and far between though.  What an exciting game that was.  The Ducks ended up winning 3-2 with goals from Silfverberg, Rackell, and Getzlaf.  The next two games were in Calgary and the Ducks swept the series 4-0.  The Ducks have made the playoffs 13 times and have won the Stanley Cup once.  Hopefully this will be another victorious year!


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