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Back to School

With the new year comes many new changes. My wife decided to start joining me at the gym, the little ones are back in school again, and my eldest son recently transferred from a community college to a university. Now, starting at a university is a pretty big change with the classes, the work, and most importantly the dorms. These past few months all he can talk about is moving out and having his own space. This will be his first time living on his own and, knowing that he will be living in the dorms, he has already started making a wish list of all the college dorm necessities. I have also been doing a little research to find out what he actually needs to survive out there on his own. There are a lot of “off-to-college” checklists  out there that are very helpful. I know that he will definitely need a laundry basket and of course bed linens, but I found that he might also need things like a small tool kit and storage bins. My wife has also gotten on board with the room planning. She is much more concerned about the look of the room, but my son doesn’t seem to care so long as he has a bed to sleep on and a place to charge his phone. So far we have only gone over room necessities, but all of this doesn’t even include school supplies! He already has a few binders and lined paper, but he doesn’t have the office supplies he will need like a hole puncher and stapler. I assume that’s not even the least of it, but he will let me know what else he needs once he starts his classes. Luckily, my family and I all use Penless , so my son can make his wish list for school supplies while sitting in his dorm room and share it with me. He can also create an idea board for his dorm room to get an idea of what he wants. I know that there will probably be a beanbag or a lava lamp (if not both) on that list, but I feel it gives him the freedom to design his room without having to spend hours shopping at different stores. My wife is also creating an idea board for his dorm room to find products that look good together and some little things she thinks he might like. She can share specific items with him through the app and vise versa. If he decides he wants to actually get something from his idea board, he can add it to his wish list. He already has a couple of things on his wish list, but I’m hoping to see a lot more once he moves. I look forward to hearing about his college experience and how he settles in. He might even be a completely different person after his first semester!

“A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.” – Reverend Edward A. Malloy

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