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Planning a Great Year

Now that we are a couple months into 2018, how many New Year’s resolutions have you actually kept?  Many of us have great intentions, and maybe even follow through for the first couple of months, but let’s face it, some resolutions are just not easy to keep.


Here are six popular New Year’s resolutions for 2018:


  • Get Healthy
  • Read More
  • Live Life to the Fullest
  • Learn New Hobbies
  • Spend Less / Save More
  • Get Organized


Let’s start with the first one, which had over 62 million searches.  Getting healthy is usually the most popular one.  It is also probably the hardest one to keep.  When I go to the gym in January, I have to get there 20 minutes early to find an empty bike in my spin class.  But once March rolls around, the class isn’t even full.  Easy to make, but difficult to keep.

Read more.  If you have a family with small children, not much time for reading except for maybe the history or science book that they will need your help with.

Live life to the fullest. Ok.  In theory that sound great.  I think having a positive attitude and not getting too stressed will help with the one.


Learn new hobbies.  If most of your downtime is waiting in the school parking lot for your kids to get out, maybe try your hand at calligraphy or pick up an adult coloring book.  Both of which can be done in the car.  Or, if it is quiet enough, how about trying meditation? It can decrease stress and anxiety – at least until carpool jumps in your car.

Spend less / save more.  This isn’t as difficult as some of the others.  If you have something you are actually saving for, then it becomes easier.  If you always go out to lunch at work, try brown bagging it a couple times a week.  That may only be $15-$20 dollars a week that you save, but in a year’s time that adds up to $780-$1,040!  Reward yourself for saving the money and use it to take your family on a weekend trip.


Get organized.  Now this can be as easy as planning activities in either a planner or on your phone. If you are someone who plans multiple parties a year, let the Penless app help you with that.  The Idea Board is a great feature of the Penless app.   I have 3 birthday parties to plan a year, not to mention superbowl parties that are usually at my house, holiday parties and the “just because it is Friday” parties.  With Penless, I can make my invite list on the Idea Board.  I can also put down anything I want at the party as far as food or decorations.  If I am out and get some party ideas, I just type it into my idea board.  I can either use the idea or decide at a later date that I don’t want to.  Either way, it is just an idea.  I love being able to add and delete ideas from my Idea Board and keeping everything organized in one place on my phone.  Penless has definitely help me to get organized this year!


One resolution that will benefit not only you, but your entire family is to take time for yourself.  Be a little selfish.  Put you first every once in a while.  Being married with children, putting your spouse or kids first is usually what we do.  We get caught up in everyday tasks and we put our needs aside as we tend to everyone else.  Don’t get me wrong, being selfless is a wonderful quality, but don’t forget yourself.  Take time to yourself to read the book you got months ago, or watch that extra episode of your favorite show. You and your family will both benefit from that time.


So, don’t get discouraged if resolutions don’t work out.  Do what you can – one step at a time!







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