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Epic Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter party is not complete without an Easter egg hunt.  The hunt has come a long way since when I was a kid.  Apparently, hiding the eggs in the backyard or the park just doesn’t cut it anymore.  Everyone wants to exceed lasts years hunt and make it a big production.Image result for easter egg hunt

If you do plan to have a big Easter party this year with friends and fam, and want to have the epic Easter egg hunt, here are a few suggestions for the younger kids at the party:


  1. Get a really good Easter Egg decorating kit. There are so many to choose from.  I personally like the one where you can bling out the eggs!  Have your plastic eggs ready to be hidden while the kids decorate eggs they can take home.
  2. Inside the plastic eggs, put fun stuff that kids can use. Of course, some will need to be filled with the technicolor jelly beans and other Easter candy, but how about nail polish, lip gloss, fun erasers, mini sticky hands, or Easter stickers.  After all, how much sugar can one child eat.
  3. Hide a golden Easter egg with dollars inside. This makes the hunt even more exciting.  The kids will love the competition between who will find the golden egg first.Image result for golden easter egg
  4. If the kids are age appropriate, and want to do something different this year, you can create a Bike Ride Hunt.  Spread your eggs out across the a three to four block area of your neighborhood and let the hunting begin.  The kids can always decorate their bikes beforehand!


You may need a few different egg hunts for the variety of ages at your party.  The teenagers will need a little something different.  It is a tough age between GPAs, SATs, and dating, they just want to enjoy something easy and fun from when they were little.  But of course, they can’t admit they want to hunt for eggs like all their little cousins.  Well, there is a solution for that.  Older kids will enjoy this, and it encourages team-work.


  1. You can send invitations out with a Penless Easter Sticker. Record a video onto the sticker and let them know that there will be something fun for them to do at the party.  This will get their curiosity up.
  2. Write different numbers, any numbers, on small pieces of paper and put one inside each egg. It’s helpful to write the numbers down somewhere that way you’ll know which number/eggs come up missing, if any.
  3. Scatter the eggs in places that are a little more challenging to find such as in trees, on top of car tires and so on.
  4. Set out a large white board and marker
  5. For the prize, fill a bag and ask a neighbor if you can leave this bag on their doorstep the morning of the hunt.
  6. When you are ready for the hunt, have all the big kids work together to collect all the eggs. Be sure to tell them how many eggs they are looking for-they need to find every one of them.
  7. When all the eggs are collected, the kids write all the numbers they find inside on the white board. It doesn’t matter what order the numbers are written.
  8. After they add up all the numbers, they go to that corresponding house number of a neighbor on your street and they find the bag. Don’t tell them right away what the sum of the numbers mean. Let them brainstorm and work together to figure it out.


Hope you can use some of these ideas and make this Easter egg hunt one to remember!




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