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“It’s Not Rocket Science”


Getting the gift you want is not rocket science, at least it is not anymore for me.  Ever since I download the Penless App it is easy to save things I see in the store or on the web onto the Penless cloud to be viewed later by me on my mobile phone.  And I can keep those items private or share what I want with different people.  It is a special feature of Penless called “My Stuff.”  There is a place for my Wish List and Sizes in My Stuff.  What about your stuff? Well, I can view my “Friends Stuff” on my phone too.  If they want to share their gift ideas with me and/or their sizes, I can see them on my phone.  It is easy and fun.


It has made a world of difference in my relationship.  Just last summer I wanted to give my girl friend something nice on her birthday, but I had run the gambit on a limited repertoire of gifts without sizes; and so I fell back on old reliable the gift card, not too personal and not too memorable, but safe, really safe.  Clothing in general is just a difficult gift because styles, sizes, and colors are so individual.  It is even true within the same family of clothes; it is almost impossible to know what someone else will want.  A nice tennis shoe or pump is easy, but is it a size 5, 6 or 7 that I am looking for? Even the jewelry had run its course with earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  But last year I attached a Penless Message to her gift card, and ever since she downloaded the Penless App, it has been one great gift after another.  She is happy and I am happy.Image result for necklaces

Now Penless is branching out to more of my friends and even the ones that I do not know as well can get a good gift from me.  And I can get good gifts, too.  Several weeks ago, one of my friends had a birthday party and they were planning a surprise party for him.  I got wind of it not too long before the big day, but fortunately the Penless app had given me the heads up days ahead of time.  The app notifies you in advance of someone’s birthday.  That was something that I did not know the app did.  In addition, I took a quick look at what was on his wish list and fortunately he had a long list to choose from.  One thing he wanted was a pair of skiing gloves.  He was showing a picture of the gloves so knew the style and color, then I toggled over to his sizes, and sure enough he had that size listed too.  It was easy, fast and fun.

My favorite sporting goods stores are REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods and both had plenty of gloves in stock.  But you can of course go anywhere.  The nice thing though is I had already bookmarked those stores in the Penless app.  You can even bookmark down to the department, so how awesome is that and how easy.  After all, it is not rocket science.

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