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Chewing Gum

You know the saying, “It is hard to walk and chew gum at the same time.”  Well, one thing that isn’t hard is using the Penless App and chewing gum at the same time. Here’s to Wrigley!

One of the great features of the Penless App is the personal messaging.  It is so easy to use.  Just download the free Penless App, record a video or attach a photo to a GoAnywhere sticker and affix the sticker to anything you would like to give a friend.  The other day, my friend was having a bad day. I was wondering what I could get her to cheer her up.  I know she loves Lattes and Frappuccinos but she is also on a budget.  When I saw her later that afternoon, I brought her favorite Image result for frappuccinosFrappuccino and attached a GoAnywhere sticker to the cup.  When she scanned the QR code, and saw my “Hope this brightens up your day” video that I made, it instantly made her feel better. It was so easy to do and it really made her day.


I have since used the personal messaging feature in many other ways.  For birthdays, some of my friends just like to receive gift cards.  Even though it can be impersonal and a slightly boring gift, I can personalize it by attaching a GoAnywhere sticker directly on the gift card.  It is fun to see their reaction when they scan the QR code and see my personal message.

I am telling my friends about the wish list feature of the Penless App.  Now I don’t have to get gift cards for my “hard to shop for” friends.  They can put gifts that they would like onto their wish list either by taking a picture when they are at a store, browse the web and crop a picture, or upload a picture directly from their phone. They can also indicate sizes and colors.  It is now so easy to share wish list ideas with friends and family.


Another great feature of the Penless App is the Idea Board which is under My Stuff.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been at a store and see an item that I think would be perfect for someone.  Even though I am not shopping for anyone at the moment, I still would like to remember this item for future gifts.  All I do is take a picture and put it on my Idea Board. I can even make notes for each of the photos to refer back to later.   This is a great place to keep my gift ideas organized.  I can go back to it whenever I want.  I have also used the idea board for things other than gifts.  When planning a party, I can use it to remember recipe ideas of what I may want to serve, and decoration ideas that I have found on the web.   It has made planning and organizing so easy. Also, all of my ideas and photos get stored on the cloud so it doesn’t use storage on my phone.  #NoMoreStorageIssues.


With all the fun features of the Penless App, it made gift giving personal.  From the GoAnywhere stickers that I can attach to any gift, to the wish list feature, gifting has never been more fun or more easy.  So, if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, try chewing gum and using the Penless App.


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