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Eruptions on Hawaii

I’ve always been fascinated by volcanoes, how they form, erupt, etc. The recent Hawaii Kilauea volcano spiked my interest. I was on a Trip with my husband and two kids on the Hilo side of Hawaii. The next day my family and I took a boat out to view the eruption. Little to say the kids and I were thrilled, not so much my husband. The eruption of this volcano was one of the best things I have ever seen.

Volcanoes are formed when magma from the Earth’s upper mantle brings its way up to the surface. When the magma rises though the weakness in the Earth’s crust or cracks. At the surface, it erupts to form lava and ash deposits. Pressure is released through plate movement and when this happens, magma explodes to the surface causing the volcanic eruption. As the volcano keeps erupting it will get bigger and bigger. The lava from a volcano will eventually cool forming new crust. Although lava is about 2,085 degrees Fahrenheit when it reaches the ocean, lava cools in about 10-15 minutes. Although still-lava can cool within 10-15 minutes, lava flow may take several months to cool.


As of today, there is still lava flow from the erupted volcano on the Big Island. The volcano has unfortunately consumed over 2 dozen homes, many cars and forced thousands to evacuate. Lava fountains have been shooting as high as 1,000 feet with more outbreaks likely to occur along the rift zone. There is no end in sight for this Hawaii volcano.

Being on vacation, my kids and I each have three Penless stickers or postcards to send back to friends and family. Both of my kids decided to send back pictures and videos of the erupting volcano! To them this was memorizing. My kids each picked a beach postcard (considering that we traveled to Hawaii) and each picked out a pack of four beach stickers . The pack of beach stickers was nice because it gave them different stickers to choose form. In the beach pack, they got to choose from a turtle, shell, starfish, and a crab. This was fun for my kids because depending on the picture or video they took, they got to pick which QR sticker to put their video or picture on.

Donations are much needed on the Big Island and are greatly appreciated. If you are looking to donate, any three of the Salvation Army’s on the Big Island are available. Current request for donations include:


Sadly, our trip had to come to an end. This trip was better than expected considering we got to see a volcano erupt!

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