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“A Star is Born”

A star is born, or should I say a box is born.  The QR code is an amazing tool for communicating in general because it can direct someone scanning it with their phone or another device to a website or some content on the web.  I once heard that the QR code was one of the most successful unsuccessful inventions because it should be used more widely and have more applications, and no one has figured it out yet.


That is in my opinion until now.  That little Penless QR code has a lot to offer as it waits to be scanned.  Since I downloaded the free app, and only those with the Penless app can read these QR codes, I have sent videos and pictures to my friends on paper of all sorts of things.  Sometimes I just want to begin a conversation or maybe I will just want to share a thought for the day in a picture. For example, I went out the other day with Pam and Rachel and when we were walking down the boardwalk I took a nice selfie of us with the moon and the water in the background. I saved it for a birthday party Pam was hosting for a friend the following week, and when I arrive I handed her a box of candy as a hostess gift, and I included a Penless Sticker right on the box with the Selfie of her, Rachel and myself.  She loved the idea.  So, when she asked me if she could record the attached picture to her own sticker and send it to Rachel, who was not able to make the party, I of course said yes.


My friendships are important to me.  I remember a quote from a man named Hubert Humphrey who was at one time Vice President of the United States once, he remarked that “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.


I can certain echo that sentiment because I have some great friends, but I also do not take it for granted.  I spend a fair amount of time cultivating my friendships and this whole Penless revolution has made it easier for us.  I use the Penless Messaging a lot.  In fact, I ordered a whole bunch of the Penless  Stickers because I use them all the time.  My sister’s friend had a baby shower the other day and as a gift I got the baby a rattle.  And I stuck a Sticker to the greeting card that had the recording of a lullaby on it.  She was so touched that when she had the baby she would play that song at feeding time.  Oh sure, I could have texted it to her, but it just seemed so much more personal with a note from me with a few words of encouragement.

Later, I was put in charge of a work party and sent the invitations out with a Penless Message.  Since the party included many of our top customers, I scanned the QR code and attached a new commercial that we were working on at the time.  The kind remarks I had of the clever invitations were nice to here.  I really think that the Penless way adds a touch of class to any invitation or package.  It is like dressing up a pair of blue jeans with a top or jewelry.


I also used the Wish List to keep track of RSVPs, and I would share the positive responses with a co-worker who was helping me keep track of the headcount.  It was an easy way for me to communicate.  Then when the invited guests that had RSVP’d yes to the dinner party, they then selected between various menu items, I would write the menu items in the description field on the Wish List.  So, what my friend would see is something like Samantha Jones-Chicken and Caesar Salad.  It was easy for her to convey that to the caterer.


And of course the Idea Board, I love the Idea Board.  I use it for event planning.  If I have an idea about the centerpieces, I then put that idea in my Idea Board.  Once the event is over, I clear the Idea Board of those items that are associated with that event.  It is a simple process.  And the whole time I am working on the details of the party, the information is saved on the Penless cloud.  It is secure, but also not taking up my phone’s memory.

Gifting does come in many forms.  It can be a personal message at the appropriate time, it could be planning a decent party, or it could be planning the perfect gift idea.  And Penless helps you every step of the way. Yes, the Penless QR code is a rising star, and the app is a friendship maker.

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