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Beautiful Coronado Island

Coronado is known for the grand Victorian Hotel del Coronado and all the famous people that have stayed there. Coronado is a California resort located on a peninsula in San Diego Bay. It first opened over a hundred years ago in 1888. Opening so long ago, there is bound to be a haunting story, which there is. The story of Kate Morgan is so popular that many people request to stay in her same hotel room. Kate is reportedly a “friendly ghost” such as feeling random breezes in the room and having the TV turn off and on spontaneously.

My family and I had a small reunion at Hotel del Coronado  . We found the “ghost stories” interesting but found more attraction to what the island had to offer. Coronado consist of five main regions.


The first is Bayside and the Ferry Landing. Near the bridge on the bayside there are luxurious galleries, boutique shops, great restaurants with exceptional views, and historic Centennial Park.


The second region is the historic downtown. The downtown offers two professional live theater venues, the Coronado School of the Arts, Coronado Visitor Center, Coronado Museum, historic building, and more.


Some of the world’s most desirable beaches can be found in Coronado making that the third out of five regions. At North Beach, there are bonfire pits and a dog beach where dogs can be off leash. Central beach has volleyball courts and shower facilities. A portion of South Beach is off limits due to the navy seal training. Silver Strands State Beach is one out of two places that allows for overnight camping . Silver Strands State Beach is approximately six miles long meaning the other camping spot is also along that beach down at Fiddler’s Cove. The Fiddler’s Cove camping facility is reserved for active duty and retired military. The most popular thing to do on all Coronado beaches would be surfing, sailing, kayaking, swimming, sun bathing, and shell collecting. These beaches also hold special events that are often open to the public.


Glorietta Bay is found where the Silver Stands begins and where the Orange Avenue ends. This part Coronado contains the tennis center, golf course, yacht club, seafood grill, public marina, community center, and boat ramp. On the other side of Orange Avenue, you can see million dollar views of the beaches and bay through the Coronado Shores condominium towers.


Silver Strand is the last of the five regions Coronado has to offer. Silver Strand offers a paved bike path that stretches along the gorgeous state beach park. Award-winning Lowes Coronado Bay Resort and Spa can also be visited along Silver Strand.


While I was there I captured many tide pool photos and videos that I wanted to send out to my friends. I took a picture of a small hermit crab I picked up along with pictures of the hotel. I bought a few of my friends small things from the gift store that I plan on attaching these Penless Stickers and Post cards to.  The beach post card  and beach stickers  are perfect for this outing! I can’t wait to have another family reunion here.


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