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Penless Photography


Being the youngest of four, I always looked up to my older siblings. At a young age I was always an aspiring photographer because that was my sister’s hobby. She mainly did it for fun, but when I saved up enough money to buy a good camera, everyone knew I was serious about this and maybe one day I would make a career out of photography. Little did I know that desire would come and soon fade away. I moved on and gave my attention to other desires and possible career paths. But through it all I have always enjoyed taking pictures even if it was just something I did on the side or in my free time.

It’s been a long while since I picked up a camera  , but once I heard of Penless, I truly felt inspired again. Penless lets you attach your own personal video or picture to a QR code. Then you can send the Penless QR code sticker to friends and family! I think it is one of the neatest apps out there because it lets me show my creativity and share it with others!


When I have to watch my nieces or nephews, I always take videos of them and send it to their parents via Penless. It always makes them smile! My nieces and nephews love this app and always ask to me to take videos of them. I even bought them a few packs of QR codes from Penless to share and they were gone within a week!

Since I am an avid gardener, I love to take pictures of my garden as well as nature in general, so in the spring time when all the flowers bloom, I make sure to take tons of pictures to upload and send to all my friends on a Penless QR code. They always get excited to receive a Penless sticker from me. It makes me happy that I am spreading the joy to those around me just by attaching a simple picture or video to a QR code. This app has not only inspired me to get back into photography but it has enhanced the photography experience! It has also made me reconnect with old friends just by capturing life through a camera lens.


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