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A Reese’s Moment

My favorite part of Penless is that I can put an electronic message on paper. Likely people haven’t been this excited since they combined Peanut Butter with Chocolate to make a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.


Times have changed since this video was aired thirty years ago, but one thing that has not changed is that people need to connect just like peanut butter and chocolate.  In many ways technology has helped us reconnect with people we may have forgotten.  But for all that it is and all the benefits of connecting with people in that way, the kind of connection we talk about is very different than how I connect with a pen and paper.  To me pen and paper is a more thoughtful way for me to communicate.  And for important occasions like a birthday, a holiday or an anniversary, I always send a note or send a greeting card or a gift in the mail.


It is no wonder the exclusive QR code messaging is really catching on.  I suppose my question would be, what took you so long?  I enjoy getting a greeting card in the mail, but I also like to see what someone is talking about too.  As a sender of greeting cards, I have always been conflicted. On the one hand, when I send a greeting card on paper, I often do not know exactly what to say or sometimes it feels so uninspired. On the other, when I send an ecard it is mainly because it is convenient. And in both I am always sifting through the countless messages someone else wrote for me, and none is really something I can call my own.  In fact, with my close friends, I always feel that some of the images I have right on my phone are better than the greeting card I am buying in the store or on-line.

With Penless, it is different.  With Penless, I have a lot of ways I can send someone a greeting that is really from me because I can attach a video or photograph right from my phone onto a Penless greeting card.  I can even attach a Penless Sticker to a cup of coffee, a smoothie, or even a Coke.  It is that easy, it is that fun; it is like peanut butter and chocolate.


It is Personal when it is Penless.  And it is always my own.  And that is particularly true with the holidays approaching.


In fact, as I see fall giving way to winter, so to the gold and browns of one season make way for silver, grey and whites of another.  The trees are all but barren of their leaves stolen by the wind.  And all these signs mark the holidays that will descend with the sights and sounds that I am so familiar; sights and sounds that I enjoy so much, but at the same time are almost indescribable.


How does one put the first snowfall into words? Or describe the look on a child’s face as she eyes the cookie crumbs and half finish milk left by Santa?  I opened the door to carolers last year, and I wish I could have shown my friends that, not just told them about it.  It is almost impossible with words alone, but not with Penless.  Of all the messages I have sent to friends and family this is always what has been missing.  It is always easy to say happy birthday or Merry Christmas, but it is nice to be able to say it to friends on a card living so far away and show them, too.


Penless allows you to blend words, sights and sounds together.  Through our exclusive QR code mobile messaging gifts, gift cards and greeting cards come alive like never before.  You can include a picture or video along with your words.  It doesn’t get much better than that to share your Christmas with friends and family that may be somewhere else.  Bring them all together like peanut butter and chocolate.





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