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Penless Launches Version 2.0 of its App

Santa Ana, CA – March 2019 – Penless, the only company in the market that allows users to add video to gifts and crafts, just launched Penless App 2.0 with new and improved features.

With the Penless app users can:

  • Create their own Wish Lists with images and links
  • Build a list of Sizes that can be shared as needed
  • Favorite gifts on a customizable Idea Board
  • Bookmark favorite stores

The 2.0 version of the Penless app incorporates a more seamless and modern user interface. Thanks to valuable feedback users and retailers, the company was able to launch its biggest update so far. Technical and design highlights include:

  • A more user friendly mobile app – one less step to get to the Scan Screen
  • A new “from” field in your Penless Message to make it more personal
  • Redesigned icons that are more modern and fun
  • An updated color palette

“We know that Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Zs want to connect. Sending a video to go with flowers, housewarming, baby shower or graduation gifts delivers a personal, emotional experience,” comments Doug Bigley, President of Penless. “And we’ve now totally improved upon our own process to make an even more exceptional user experience.”

Initially created with traditional gift markets in mind like gift/book stores and greeting card and stationery stores, Penless products have now proven that there are endless retail opportunities in albums, planners, journals, scrapbooks and more.

Download the free app from the App Store or Google Play to learn more and to start sending more personal messages with your gifts and crafts.

About Penless

Penless is the only company focused on improving the entire cycle of the gifting, crafting and shopping experience and making it more personal again. And we are the only app with a messaging feature that allows you to connect electronically on a physical item with friends and family. Our new products are designed to help personalize gifts and communications, including Greeting Cards, Stickers, Wine Tags, Bookmarks and Postcards. Each allows Penless app users to attach a personal video or picture to the QR code included on each product. Visit for more information.


Contact Information


David Bigley

National Sales Manager

2000 E Fourth St, Ste 204

Santa Ana, CA 92705


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