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I am a bigtime bookworm.  This may sound weird to most, but I would rather pick up a good book than turn on Netflix.  I know I am in the minority by saying something like that, but I have a few friends that can say the same.  I’m even involved in small book clubs that meet up each week to talk about the current book we’re reading or just to get together, and usually we end up sharing about our all-time favorite reads.  After finishing our latest book, we all decided we should get matched up with someone else and get them one of our own favorite books.  I knew exactly which book I was going to get.  I just wanted to deliver it in a special way.  That is when I thought about a book that I had gotten a little while back ago as a gift and inside of it I found a nice little bookmark.  It wasn’t just any bookmark that my friend had gotten me, it had its own personal video message attached to it through the Penless app. I thought it was so cool and I loved the idea for what we were going to be doing.  Turns out I wasn’t the only one that loved the idea because the person who received the gift loved it and so did everyone else in the group! Penless just gained a whole new following of bookworms!


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