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Central Park

Central Park is among one of the most popular sites throughout the world.  It is known as America’s first major landscaped public park.  It can be found in multiple television shows or movies… in fact it has been featured in over 350 films and counting and it is a must see for any tourists going to the great city of New York.   Covering nearly 3.5 square miles, the park stretches across 843 acres of land, making it even larger than the Vatican City.


I remember my first trip to New York involved lots of pizza and sightseeing.  My favorite spot by far was Central Park.  I had always wanted to visit New York just to check out the great park.  I had always seen it in movies and I had family that used to live in NYC that always told me of how cool it was.  It was even better than I expected, a lot bigger too.  Before the trip I had stashed away some Penless gear in my luggage and among the stickers was a  Central Park postcard  that I was so excited to use.  I know my mom is a big scrapbooker and I thought she would love to add this into her collection.  I was able to add a beautiful video of the park during the sunset and it could not have gone any better with the Penless postcard!

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