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The Beautiful city of Boise

Looking for a weekend trip or a nice vacation?  Boise, Idaho known as the City of Trees, has something for everyone – from a vibrant downtown, cultural and culinary experiences, unique attractions and access to many outdoor recreational activities this walkable, friendly and safe city is fun to explore.  It is a recreationalist’s paradise if you value spending time outdoors surrounded by mountains, canyons, deserts and lakes.


When in Boise, you can experience both the rural and the urban, the civilized and the wild.  Yes, there are places that are more urban and there are places more rural, but Boise is a great place if you enjoy access to both. You can go on a beautiful hike during the day then dine on locally sourced cuisine in the evening in the bustling downtown then head over to a play, movie or an opera.  It literally has something for everyone.


Here are a few of my favorite places to enjoy while I am in the city:


  • Hiking Table Rock or Camel’s Back Mountain. Table Rock is a bit more of a challenging hike, but both offer stunning views of Boise.  Table Rock is a favorite among locals for sunset hikes and rides.
  • Boise Greenbelt. If hiking isn’t your thing, how about a gorgeous flat walk along the Boise Greenbelt?  This tree-lined 25 mile pathway follows the river through the heart of the city passing by Boise State University and provides scenic views.
  • Freak Alley. Located in the heart of downtown, Freak Alley is a venue for murals, graffiti, and public art.  In Boise since 2002, it is said to be the largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest.  Murals are painted over and replaced by new murals every few years.
  • Hyde Park. About 5 minutes from the modern downtown, this historic district is distinctive in many ways. The buildings and architecture of this area is unique. The lampstands at the intersections add to the character of Hyde Park.
  • The Old Idaho Penitentiary. This is a fun tour if you have a few hours to spare.  This penitentiary opened it’s doors in 1872 and was a functional prison until 1973.  Visitors can experience over 100 of prison history with a visit to Solitary Confinement, cell blocks and the Gallows.


Last time I visited Boise I made sure to take some Penless Postcards.  So fun taking pictures and videos of all the neat places I visited.  I sent the postcards to my friends and family.  Everyone loves scanning the QR codes and seeing what shows up.

postcard 3 pack

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