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A Chain of Events

I first downloaded the app when someone sent me a Penless QR code message for my birthday. And then I used the QR code messaging feature to send out graduation announcements.   Kimberly responded to me by sending the invitation back with her own Penless message on it. Then when everyone showed up, Darren, who is a very good guitar player, played the guitar for us, so when I sent out thank you notes, I included a video of one of the songs he had played. Then Angela sent me a thank you card for inviting her and she had photographed some tulips that she has in her back yard. She knows I love tulips.

Marla was studying abroad at the time, and she missed the party, so I sent her a letter with a Penless message on it of Darren playing the guitar. And then when she was in London, she saw a street vendor that not only played the violin, but he played the same song that Darren played. She had a Go-Anywhere sticker handy, so she filmed the song, and attached it to the street vendor’s cd and sent it to Darren who was in California at the time. Darren listened to the cd and sent back to Marla a video on a Go-Anywhere sticker of him performing in a band in Los Angeles. So what goes around comes around with Penless. I have had so much fun with this Penless app and so have my friends. I think it has brought us closer together.   I really enjoy my friends and in my mind there is no better way to show it than to send them a letter or a greeting card that shows them.

Even when I send them little knickknacks now, I will send them a little message using a Penless QR code . It is just second nature, because there is always something I see or hear that I want to share with them. And it means so much more when it comes through the mail. It seems like Penless is a gift all by itself. And it is the gift that keeps on giving.

Sometimes I will just forward the same QR code message that I received from one of my friends to another. It is a Penless chain message that I love to do with them. We will write little messages around the QR code to each other and pass it on. The Penless chain is a great way to share an experience with friends.

You should try a Penless chain message too.

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