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Golden Sunsets, Sandy Beaches and the Perfect Wave

One of my favorite things to do on a hot summer morning, after I have been thoroughly caffeinated, is grabbing my surfboard and heading into the waves.  In fact, I am actually planning a classic road trip up the Golden Coast of California.  We will be hitting many of the iconic surf spots along the way.  This trip will be filled with lots of food, surfing and of course pictures.  Attaching my pictures and videos onto a Penless postcard will be super easy and fun to send to friends back home.


We are starting in Southern California and working our way up the state.


First Stop: Huntington Beach.  Since H.B. has earned the nickname Surf City, I think this will be a great beach to start our vacay. Even when other spots along the coast are flat, Huntington Beach will have decent swells.  Next to the pier is one of the most famous surf spots of all time.



Santa Barbara will be stop number two.  We will have to take at least one afternoon to explore the town. State Street, which is the main downtown street in Santa Barbara is lined with big-name shops and indie boutiques.  If we have the time, we will even check out the Mission and see the incredible artwork and architecture.


Up next will be Pismo Beach.  This will be pretty much our half way point on our trip.  This stop will be the perfect pairing of wine & waves.  Some of the best wines in the country are produced along California’s Central Coast. If time permits, a stop at Hearst Castle in San Simeon would be a treat.


Just about 30 minutes up the road is Morro Bay.  This will be a great place to rest and recharge for the rest of our trip.  We will have lots of locations along Morro Bay to catch the perfect wave, including “The Pit”-an iconic location right beside Morro Rock.

Our fifth stop on this amazing trip will be Ocean Beach in Northern California. Ocean Beach is known for its powerful waves which makes it very popular among surfers.  There are 3.5 miles of white sand beach.  With fire pits on the beach, it will be a perfect place to unwind and sit by the fire after a day of surfing.

The last destination on this epic road trip will be MoonStone Beach. I have been here once before.  It is one of my favorite beaches with sweeping views. This beach not only offers surfing and swimming, but there are also tide pools, a boardwalk and small caves to explore.  If we time it right, we can eat at the Moonstone Beach Bar & Grill and watch the sunset over the ocean while we dine.


We will make sure to bring not only Penless Postcards to send back home, but I will most definitely do a photo book and get some surf stickers from Penless.  We will be able to see our vacation videos anytime we are browsing through our photo book.  Penless has the perfect sticker for almost any trip!!

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