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Let’s get cookin’ with Penless

After a stressful day of work, there is nothing better that I like to do than cook. It is the best stress reliever for me. I am always trying new recipes whether I make them up myself or find them online.

Whenever I find a recipe I like, or would like to try, I save them to my idea board on Penless. Penless is a free app that has a variety of unique features and the idea board is just one of them! I use it almost everyday so I never forget a recipe. Some of my favorite recipes are on a site called America’s Test Kitchen. They take the best ingredients from the best dishes and combine them to make the best plate possible.

Whenever we have dinner parties or go to a potluck we get so many compliments on our food. I always tell them about the idea board on Penless so they can save any recipe they want! I normally end up giving my recipes away to our friends to add to their own idea boards.


The idea board can do so much more than just save recipes though. My kids find items they like from stores and put them on their idea boards because maybe when the holidays come around they will move it to their Penless wishlist if they still like it. You can add anything you want to your idea board!


Overall Penless is a great app because you can do so much with it. Our friends love the food we make so during the holidays or on their birthdays, my wife makes a Penless Video of how to cook a certain dish and attaches it to the same dish that she took a video of and delivers it to their house on a Penless Recipe Card. It always makes their day! We all use the Penless app and now all our friends use it too!


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