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Penless and the Pumpkin Patch

Fall is a season known for tailgates, football, apple picking, spiced cider, and the pumpkin patch. Every year, I take my wife and kids to enjoy the pumpkin harvest. But not just our local pumpkin patch. Over the years, I have conducted much research and devoted countless hours into finding the best pumpkin patches. Each year has been a little different due to how far we are willing to travel. Since we live in Southern California, here are two of our favorites:

  • Peltzer Farm

Located in Temecula, this pumpkin patch is our favorite so far! There is so much to do and we find some of the largest pumpkins here at Peltzer Farm. Our tradition at this pumpkin patch is to take the old fashioned train rides. My kids are always mesmerized by the vast amounts of farm animals they bring to this location. They have animals everywhere! Between the petting zoo, pony rides and pig races, you definitely get your fair share of pets. No matter if it’s getting lost in a corn maze or picking out a giant pumpkin, there is always a perfect opportunity to capture the moment on a Penless sticker! In the past we have seen the pig races and played the carnival games.  Unfortunately, given the current situation, those two things will not be going on this year. My wife and I will be going back with friends since they do have Peltzer Family Cellars – The Crush House.  It is the perfect place to relax with a glass of wine and enjoy our friends.


  • Riley’s Farm

This pumpkin patch does not offer as much activities but it sure is unique. Its colonial charm really makes you feel like you have time traveled back a century. We haven’t been here as often as some of the others, but when we do, we always find the most unique pumpkins. Last time we were here, my son picked out a green one! Although there is not a whole lot of activities to do here, they do have some of the best scenery and trails. Perfect for a picture. At the end of the day, we never pass up the opportunity to chow down on a slice of their delicious apple pie!


Both of these locations hold many precious memories that I will cherish for years to come! I will always remember the ear to ear smile on my kids faces. But I am thankful to have captured the moments on Penless Stickers so I can scan the QR code whenever I want and see their faces filled with laughter and joy. My wife has made scrapbooks of all the pumpkin patches we visited and put Penless Stickers on some of the pages. It’s always a great time looking back at the books as a family and laughing together. I hope one day my kids continue the tradition of visiting pumpkin patches with their families.





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