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Love the Gift, But for….

Ever since we were little, we were always told it is better to give than to receive.  Well let’s face it, who doesn’t love to receive gifts?  The gift giving and receiving season is upon us.  Let’s make it easy for our friends and family to shop for us this year and buy us that perfect gift.  Last year I got many gifts that were close.  If we were playing the game cold, warmer, hot, I would say we were getting warm. For example, I got the perfect robe, but for the size. I got the perfect designer purse, but for the style. I got the perfect blouse, but for the color.  When I first got the blouse, it was in the front of my closet.  I kept waiting for that perfect pair of pants to wear with it.  It never came.  Oh a pair did come, but it is hard to tell someone, you need a larger size than they got you.  Sizing up is a psychological hit, and a big gifting miss.  By the end of the month that blouse was in the back of my closet.  I call it my personal island of miss fit toys.  I never wore it!  And now I can’t even see it.  I felt bad because I knew my friend spent time looking for my gift and really thought I would like it.  Some of the gifts I received I did have to return.  I know one thing none of us ever look forward to is standing in long lines at the store to return a gift after the holidays.  This year, Penless has helped me with that problem.  I have downloaded the Penless app and I saw the Wish List feature.  It is so easy to use.  Anytime I am at the store and I see something I like, I snap a picture and save it to my Wish List.  I can specify color, size, and the store. Or whatever else I want to put down.  If I am browsing the web and I save an item, it will also save the URL code, that is techie language for the website, so my internet shopping friends can go right to where I saw it.  My friends and family enjoy going on to my Wish List when they want to by a gift for me.  No more guessing if I am going to like something or not knowing my size or what color I like.  The Wish List feature on Penless saves them time and I always receive the perfect gift.  # NoMore Returns.

Oh and I almost forgot, the Idea Board.  I use it all the time with my great ideas and sometimes my not-so-great ideas.  If I think something might make a good gift, but I am not sure, I put it on my Idea Board and go back to it later.  The Idea Board is nice because it allows me to make notes and store things on the Penless cloud rather than to store things right on my phone. This is a great idea, because I like to surf the web a lot and when I see something that interests me, I do not need to think too hard about saving the image, I just take a screen shot and then I can look to see how I feel about it later.  It is quick, it is fun, it is personal.

And not to mention, every website I like can be bookmarked and even a particular department within a store can be bookmarked.  So it doesn’t get much better than that.  So get rid of those “But for… moments in your life.

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