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The Art of the List

When I was a little kid, I thought Christmas was the most wonderful time of the year.

Going to bed every night I would count the days before Santa would be coming down the chimney, eating the cookies, drinking the milk, and of course leaving all the gifts.  From the sights of all the decorations and gifts under the tree, to the sound of carols on the radio and in the mall, to the smell of gingerbread filling the house, it was all magical.


As an adult, I still think Christmas is still the most wonderful time of the year, but for different reasons. One thing I love about Christmas time now is trading in my flip flops for boots, tank tops for sweaters and headbands for scarfs.  I still love seeing all the lights, and smelling the fresh cut tree in my living room, but until all the gifts are bought, it is hard to relax and enjoy the season.  With the gifting season upon us, sometimes I feel like it is race to the finish for the big day. To planning the big dinner to sending out all my cards, it can all be a bit stressful. . One saving grace is that I am really good about making lists. I make a list for the Christmas dinner menu, just to make sure I don’t forget the cranberries.  I make a list for sending out my cards, so I don’t forget to send one to Aunt Courtney in Ohio.  And of course I make a list for gifts I want to give to friends and family. This is not easy especially when I have no idea of what they want. Going to the mall aimlessly, not knowing what to buy anyone is the most stressful part of the holidays for me. I would walk through stores and see a pair of boots that would be perfect for my niece, but I don’t know her size.  I also see a nice shirt for my brother, but I don’t know what color he would like.  At the end of the shopping season, half the list would end up being gift cards.  This year I decided to make a change to the impersonal gifting that I have been giving for years. My friends, family, and I have downloaded the Penless App and the holidays just got a lot less stressful.  Penless has made shopping smooth and easy.  With the wish list feature of the app, I know exactly what everyone wants.  It is so easy to use.  They can browse on line and add to their wish list, upload photos from their phone of something they would like, or take a picture when they are in a store and add it directly to their wish list. From the size, to the color, to the store where I can buy it, it is all right there on their wish list. No more giving the impersonal gift card!  I give the perfect gift each time. And it’s personal. #LoveTheList


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