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Christmas is Coming

With Christmas only one week away, I’m sure all your shopping is done and you are now stress free enjoying the last 7 days before Christmas – probably not, right?  It happens every year. We think we will be organized and get everything done early, yet it never quite works out that way.  I do know one way that will make your holidays a little less stressful and a little more fun.  The FREE Penless app  with it’s neat features and cool products are sure to make your holiday more memorable.  If you are buying presents for your friends and family, they really need to get the Penless app and start using the Wish List feature.  It is so easy to buy gifts when you know exactly what they want, where to get it and what size or color.  Penless definitely takes the guess work out of shopping.  The person you are giving the gift to will be so thankful that they do not have to stand in line to return any of the gifts you bought them.


If you haven’t checked out all cool features of the Penless app, the Christmas stickers are perfect for the holidays.  You can actually stick them anywhere such as gifts, cards, gift cards, coffee cups, ect… it is your chance to be creative and surprise someone with a personalized holiday sticker that you uploaded a video or picture.  They can scan the sticker with the Penless app or any QR code scanner.  The sticker is almost a gift in itself since they don’t know what is on the sticker until they scan it.  What a fun addition to the holiday season!


photo: Pixy.org


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