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Pack Like a Pro

I know most of us are not going on big vacations right now, but some are so tired of being home, they are venturing out on some getaways.  With traveling comes the unfortunate chore of packing.  Here are a few packing tips I would like to share with you.


  • Start with a list. To me, this is the most important.  This will avoid forgetting essentials such as your drivers license or passport.  I keep a list on my computer that I print out when I am getting ready to pack.  That way I can cross stuff off and make notes on the list.
  • If flying, know the baggage policy of your airline prior to flying. Make sure your checked bags are under the weight limit to avoid extra fees (or repacking your Keep Calm and Travel on bagsuitcases at the counter – we have all seen people do that).
  • If you are checking bags and bringing a carry-on, make sure essentials such as contact lenses, glasses, passports (anything that cannot be replaced easily), you are taking in your carry-on.
  • Try not to be the hopeless over packer. Think minimalist.  Do you really need the whole series of The Hunger Games just in case you get some rainy days? When packing clothes, lay out all your clothes you want to bring on your bed and put back at least 1/3 of it.  There are things that are a must-have and things that would be nice-to-have.  Let’s leave all the nice-to-have things at home.
  • To get a little more room in your suitcase, try rolling your clothes instead of folding. This has transformed my way of packing.  You can get way more in your suitcase this way.  Also, wear bulking items such as coats, sweaters or boots on the plane to save space. Sure, you might be a little warm.  You can also put items such as socks inside your shoes you are packing.  Remember to leave a little room in your luggage for anything you may want to buy.
  • Remember to only bring mini versions of your liquids. Your full-size shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are heavy and it just takes up room in your luggage.  Unless you are going to a deserted island, there will be places to buy toiletries.
  • If you are traveling different places and have to carry around dirty clothes, you know that quickly your whole suitcase can get that not so fresh smell. Try packing a dryer sheet in your suitcase.  This will help to “defunk your stuff”.
  • Try not to be the Just in Case packer. Those items rarely, if ever, get used.  If you would actually need one of those items, use that as an excuse to do some shopping while on vacation.


Hopefully this helps!  One last item to pack with takes up zero room is the Penless postcard.  Penless currently has 8 different designs to choose from.  What a great way to send pictures or videos to your friends and family back home!


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