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Making Mammoth Memorable

Each year during the holidays, I get a week off to enjoy the season with my friends and family. During my week break, I take a trip to California for a family reunion. All my siblings love to ski or snowboard. As a skiing enthusiast myself, I always look for the best places to hit the slopes with my four other siblings while in California. We have been to many places, but the one we continue to go back to is Mammoth Mountain. Mammoth is a winter mountain playground with epic terrains and scenic beauty. Some members of my family like downhill skiing, some like adventuring into the backcountry for snowboarding while some enjoy cross country.  Regardless of your skiing / snowboarding taste or ability, there are countless trails to explore. Taking the gondola up to the summit and seeing the panoramic views of the stunning mountain scenery, I know this will be a skiing adventure I will not soon forget!

person in red jacket and black pants riding on ski blades on snow covered ground during


This trip is a good opportunity to take many pictures and videos to upload on Penless Stickers. There is a large variety of winter themed stickers to choose from. We have even gotten our friends hooked on Penless stickers.  It is such a fun way to share your experiences with all your friends and family no matter where you are!

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