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Making your Gift Memorable

Like many of us, I always buy gifts for my relatives on Valentine’s Day.  I can always find the perfect gift, but I cannot always wrap the perfect gift.  I can never seem to get the wrapping quite right. Usually it ends up as a wrapping fail.  Where to cut, where to crease?  It shouldn’t be that difficult, right?  It is only three supplies: wrapping paper, scissors and tape. I found this video on YouTube on How to Wrap the Perfect Gift which I wanted to share you.  It has helped me out quite a bit.  I feel like a nicely wrapped gift is a kind gesture to show someone how much you care. I also like to finish off the gift with a bow or some sort of unique embellishment.  For example, if I am giving a book, I like to include a Penless bookmark on top.  I can let them know how much I enjoyed this book (without giving away the ending). For some of my relatives, a nice bottle of wine is appreciated.  Instead of wrapping that, I put a Penless  wine tag  with a nice picture of us, or a funny video on the QR Code, which is sure to bring a smile to their face.  In fact, so many people have commented on the Wine Tag, that I now buy the Penless heart greeting card and give that with all my Valenetine’s Day gifts.  If I happen to run out of the heart greeting cards, I always have a supply of the Penless heart stickers on hand.  They work the same way.  Basically, the sticker acts as a card. It is fun and it is personal. I get more comments on the card or sticker then the gift itself.  Gift giving should not be stressful – it should be fun.  If you have fun with it, then the person you gave the gift to will probably have fun with it too.

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