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Our Four-Legged Furry Friends

Dogs have been constant companions in our lives.  From the tiniest Chihuahua to the enormous Great Dane, dogs are an incredibly diverse species.  Man’s best friend and furry family member provide us with affection and unconditional love.


There are many benefits to owning a dog.  For example, just petting a dog has been shown to lower a person’s blood pressure.  Since the owner will be walking the dog, they keep fit and active. Dogs have been known to reduce stress in humans and stave off depression.  These are just a few of the many benefits to being a dog owner.

Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is 10,000 times better than humans?  Dogs can track people and other animals across many miles, detect dangerous substances and have even been known to sniff out signs of cancer.   Thanks to the incredible canine nose, dogs can smell odor molecules in the parts per trillion, including those the human body releases during a seizure.  They can actually detect an epileptic seizure up to 45 minutes before they occur.


If you have a dog or are thinking of getting a dog, remember Penless dog paw and dog treat jar video stickers.  Dogs do so many memorable things that you will definitely want to catch some of it on video.  Penless stickers are the perfect way to share your doggie videos with friends and family.  If you go to a dinner party and they happen to be a dog lover, Penless also has dog paw wine tags.


The number one pick for more than a quarter of a century is the Labrador Retriever. According the long-time breeder Erin Henlon-Hall, “The Labrador Retriever is a do-everything breed that needs to be with its humans.  They personify the definition of versatility – hunting, showing, family, dock diving, tracking, obedience.  It’s as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.”




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