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Creative B-Day Invites

I have twin nephews who just turned 4 years old and they had an absolute blast at their birthday party.  Throughout their terrible 2’s (and 3’s), I discovered just how much they enjoyed making videos and being goofy with one another.  We were busy thinking of ideas for the party and picking out the cake and theme for it all, and we also had to start deciding on the invite list.  In the process of making their little birthday invitations, I remembered the Penless app and I knew it would be perfect for this occasion!  The boys absolutely loved making their own invitation videos and it put the biggest smile on my face to see them having such a good time.  I explained the process of how to open up the invitation and be able to view it to everyone and they all thought it was the cutest and most creative invitation.  The birthday party turned out great and Penless earned a lot of new fans. I know this isn’t going to be the last time my nephews are going to want to use the app and I know it won’t be mine either!


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