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Because Gifting was Meant to be Personal

“Oh my gosh!” That is the reaction I am looking for when I give a gift.  And with Penless, I get that all the time.


Modern gift giving has become a series of impersonal actions such as a gift card and the ecard.  Of course, they are really convenient, but is it memorable?  I cannot even remember who gave me that department store gift card or the restaurant gift card; and sometimes I even lose the gift card before I get a chance to use it.  Sure, buying a gift for someone is a lot of work. What color, what size??  Last year, my sister bought me a sweater for my birthday.  It was so nice, but I know it was a lot of work for her.  She must have texted me pictures of at least six sweaters to see if it was something I would wear.  Then she needed to know what size. More texts and phone calls!  I felt bad that it was such a hassle for her (and for me).  At the end of all these text messages, I was wishing she would just send me the gift card or risk buying the sweater that does not fit or I do not like.  What a conundrum.  When I went shopping to buy a workout shirt for her, I felt guilty about all the messages she sent me, so I sent her some too.  Even if I didn’t want to, I felt like I had to.  After all that, I am still not sure I got her what she wanted.


This is why I think modern gift giving is so impersonal.  For all the benefits of social media, we might have lost some of the intentionality that comes from gifting one on one.  This is where Penless comes in.  Penless makes it a synch to give (or get) the right gift every time.


Before Penless, I was barely venturing into any department store beyond what I needed to do to get that gift card.  So much of my shopping prior to downloading Penless was within about a four-foot radius of the check stand at the mall. And I was just like most of my friends.  It wasn’t that I did not want to shop for them, I was just not good at it.


Now, I am still like my friends or rather they are like me.  I have introduced them all to the Penless app.  The results have been fantastic.  My friends have taken pictures and images off the web of all sorts of things they want or need.  Once they put it on their wish list, shopping for them is a breeze.  I know exactly what they want including size, color and where to buy it.  It doesn’t get much easier than that.


The Penless app is designed to improve the gifting and shopping experience by making it easier.  If any of you out there are like I use to be, give the Penless app a whirl, and watch your gifting go to the next level.  You will be glad you did!

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