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Up Your Gifting Game

My experience in getting a gift, whether it is birthday, Christmas, anniversary or whatever, has been reduced to getting a pile of plastic. I often wonder what people use to do before gift cards. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. For instance, I bought a shirt for my brother last Christmas that I have never seen again. It was relegated to the bottom drawer is my guess. That’s better than the flip flops I got for his birthday.  I have seen them tons of times. The only problem is I’ve seen them on Tom’s feet, his next door neighbor. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A friend suggested that I try the Penless app.  It is not only easy; it is a lot of fun too. When you come across a gift you want for yourself or think someone else would like it, you just take a picture in the store, or a screen shot from the web. The phone remembers where you saw it on the web. You have a place to put in a description. You do not even have to wait for your birthday or Christmas. You can take pictures on the fly and the phone stores the information in the cloud. Images don’t take up memory on your phone. I even take images of things that are not really a gift idea, but rather something I want to remember, and I store that in My Stuff on my idea board. So, it helps me with gift planning and also event planning, and I get lots of ideas for decorations.  It is a totally unique gifting app and now I can share items with friends and family. If I want to share a gift with my friend, I can do that too through a really fun wish list feature.


Just yesterday when I was walking outside a department store window, I saw a pair of sandals that would be perfect for my mom for her birthday. I was too busy to pick them up and her birthday isn’t for a while anyway, but I used my app and took a quick picture to store on the Penless cloud. Now when her birthday does roll around, I will just swing by the store and pick them up. And between now and then I am going to get her to download the Penless app so she can share her sizes with me. So much fun! I am even going to put those very same sandals on my wish list. It doesn’t get much easier than that! #NoMoreReturns.



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