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Free shipping on orders $60+ or half off shipping on orders $30+.

Make your Penless Wish List come true

With three young kids all having their own complex wish lists which always seem to get lost, Christmas shopping is never a stress-free experience. With all the lines at the mall when you wait till the last minute to fill the empty space under the Christmas tree, it seems as though you can never find exactly what you are looking for. Even if you find the exact shirt your child wants, there is always the question about what size you should buy, or what color they want. As the kids grow older, sometimes you don’t even get a list, you’re supposed to turn on a super power you don’t have and read their mind in hopes they like your gift. To avoid any confusion this year, my whole family is using the wish list feature of the Penless app. It‘s a way to ensure you don’t buy the wrong gift, get the wrong gift, or loose the Christmas list that was supposed to go to Santa.


This year Christmas shopping was actually fun and easy. My family and I all downloaded the free Penless app so we can all get exactly what we want in the right size and color. In this app, it allows you to have a digital wish list where you can put all the items you want and where to buy them. If it is a clothing item, there is a space where you can add your size. In the wish list, you will also add a picture of the item and add any notes so the buyer knows of any specifics you would like to add to the order. Doesn’t get much easier than that!


Penless is the wish list of the future! Penless has a bunch of cool features, and it is super easy to use. To make your gift more personable, just add a VideoDrop! VideoDrops allow you to add a picture or video to a QR code to then attach to any gift. Since we found out about Penless, all the events and celebrations have been a success! We all love this app and it is definitely a stress reliever when it’s holiday season.


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