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A Holiday Surprise

Just about everyone looks forward to the holiday season.  No matter what holiday you celebrate this season, there just seems to be a different type of energy in the air.  The holiday season just seems to bring out the kid in all of us, and moods just seem to be in higher spirits.  Our family in particular loves Christmas time, it’s our absolute favorite.  The stockings get hung, the fresh Christmas tree smell throughout the house, and all the beautiful lights on the houses throughout the neighborhoods makes for perfect Christmas memories.

Last holiday season I was introduced to the holiday themed VideoDrop stickers. My kids opened their gifts Christmas morning and there was one gift with all of their names on it.  It was a big box and they all had no idea what could be inside.  They were told to scan the sticker first, and when they did they found the greatest surprise they could have ever asked for.  We put a video with not one, but two of the cutest little puppies they had ever seen!  We told them to go outside, and they sprinted out as fast as they could. They said it was by far the greatest gift they had ever received because they had been wanting dogs for the longest time.  I have to say the way we delivered the gift made it even better, and we have Penless VideoDrops to thank for their help with the creative and unique idea!


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