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It’s Just a Matter of Wine


If you have opened one too many bottles of wine at a dinner party and ended up with multiple open bottles, there are things you can do. If you don’t think you will finish it before it turns flat or bitter, you have options before pouring it down the drain.


Turn wine leftover into wine opportunity


I know what you are thinking. What? Why is there any leftover wine to begin with? Well, it can happen (believe it or not) to the best of us. You can be creative when it comes to repurposing the last of the wine. Here are a few uses:


  • Cook with it

Works well with marinades and glazes. The acidity of red wine helps tenderize meat. Since the alcohol mostly evaporates while cooking, the wine mainly enhances the flavor when mixed with other ingredients.

  • Make Sangria

A refreshing Spanish treat is perfect for sitting outside on a summer day. You can make sangria with red, white, or rosé. Or, add a little club soda and ice and make a classic spritzer.

  • Frozen wine cubes

You can pop these cubes from your freezer and delight your tastebuds anytime your recipe calls for wine.

  • Turn it into Vinegar

For wine that is past its prime, try making DIY vinegar. Homemade vinegar usually has a softer tang than store bought.

  • Make wine jelly or jam

You can pair almost any wine with any fruit. Slather on toast or serve on a cheese and charcuterie board. Jam with wine is just more fun!


If you find a good recipe for leftover wine, write it down and share it with friends. Penless has recipe cards. You can not only give them a good recipe, but you can add a video as well. Maybe a video of you making it or suggestions on parts that can be a little tricky. With VideoDrops by Penless, the possibilities are endless.




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