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Better Latte than Never

Coffee – A Magical Brew ☕

Whether you rely on enough sleep or a boost of caffeine to start your day, that first sip of coffee has definitely tempted me a few times (or maybe a few thousand times).  It is my morning ritual.  Coffee is the magical brew that gets my morning started and gets me through the daily grind (no pun intended).  I trust that the caffeine will kick in before reality does.

Who knew a discovery by the shepherds in 800 A.D. would be one of the biggest trends of the twenty-first century.  Starbucks and other coffeehouses has made a classic cup of joe into something of a universal culture with it’s own language – coffee lingo.  Who knew that Breve, Café Au Lait, Crema and Macchiato were actually words.  There is even a coffee lingo dictionary With this, you can sound like a connoisseur of coffee when ordering.

One of the latest coffee craze that is all over the internet is Dalgona coffee.  You can find posts everywhere of Dalgona coffee experiences.  It is whipped, frothy and creamy with a fluffy texture.  If you haven’t tried it, and like “foofy” drinks, this is definitely worth a taste.

Next time you give a friend a cup of coffee, try sticking a VideoDrop sticker from Penless on the cup with a personal message.  You will make their day in more ways than one.

“I don’t need an inspiration quote, I need coffee” –

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