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Our Four-Legged Furry Friends🐾

Dogs, also known as a man’s best friend, have been constant companions in our lives. No matter if you need a service animal or just want a pet to spoil, unconditional love and affection comes with owning a furry family member🐕

What Breeds Will Meet Your Needs?

Different breeds come with different benefits. No matter what you need- there is a breed.

Emotional support:

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Corgi
  • Golden Retriever

Labrador retrievers are the most versatile workers and can do almost anything. They are hardworking and intelligent.

Corgis are world-class herding dogs. This can be an indication that they are good leaders as well as good with direction. They are ranked the 11th smartest breed which is saying a lot given that there are close to two hundred dog breeds in total.

Golden Retrievers are a hard-working dog breed and top-notch therapy dogs given that they are generally very friendly to everyone.


  • Labradoodle
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Peruvian Inca Orchid

Labradoodles are half poodle half lab meaning they are smart and do not shed- perfect house pet for allergy sufferers. They are happy dogs and easy to train🐾

You might not know it yet, but miniature schnauzers will be your new best friend. They are amazingly easy going and want to do whatever you are doing. They will be anything from couch potato company to a vacation buddy! Get ready to have your own person sidekick by your side.

Given that Peruvian Inca Orchids are not furry and fluffy, they definitely do not shed. Although you’ve probably heard of the name, these dogs are incredibly rare so you’re lucky to come across one.

EmBARKing on a Journey🐾

Most dogs love to be by your side no matter where you are going. I like to take my dog to the beach whenever I go with my family. At Penless, I order dog paw VideoDrop stickers in bulk in which I attach pictures and videos of my dog on them to send out to my friends. Make sure to check out the Penless website to get these stickers so you can remember all your animal adventures. Penless allows every dog to be a show dog!

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