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PAWSibilities of Cats

Last month, my girlfriend got a cat.  I want to be as welcoming to this new addition to her family as possible, but there still seems to be a little tension between the cat and I.  Being the human in this human-feline “relationship”, I know I will need to decode all that secret kitty body language.  If I can figure that out, it will be a much happier home when I am around.


Kitty Body Language


Did you know that when a cat arches their back, it can actually mean something other than being a cool yoga position?  For example, an arched back might be fright.  If this is the case, their fur will likely also be sticking up and their tail may look puffed.  This is the cat’s attempt to look bigger and tougher.  There may even be some hissing involved.  When this happens, I will know to keep my space until she calms down and realizes that I am not a threat.


An arched back can also be an effective stretch that helps cats keep their bodies nice and flexible.  I notice this a lot after the cat takes a long nap.  It helps her loosen up her body and it has become part of her routine.


Being in a playful mood can also cause a cat to arch it’s back. They may even hop around at the same time.  If there are no signs of aggression, this is a great time to be playing with the cat.  It teaches the cat how to learn and play. 


Besides the arching of the back, there is other feline body language like the position of their ears and whiskers.  These can be quite subtle, something else to look out for. 


I had no idea there was this much involved in figuring out cats.  But the more I am able to figure out what she is feeling, the better I will know how to proceed. 

After I am around this cat for awhile, I’m sure I will understand why the internet is so cat crazy.  I’m going to give my girlfriend some Penless VideoDrop Stickers so she can make her own videos of her new family member.  I’m sure her cat will have her own personal scrapbook, if not instagram, with many funny cat videos.

In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this” – Terry Pratchett


Dogs have owners, cats have staff” – unknown

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