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🌞Come sail away, Come sail away….

Seas the day on an architectural marvel at sea.  Some cruise ships are so big that it is not just a cruise, it is an adventure.  From the spectacular entertainment to the endless amount of food, a cruise is a vacation to remember 😎


⚓Spectacular Entertainment⚓

There are many different types of entertainment depending on which ship you are on.  You can expect to find magic shows and comedy shows. Expect to be wowed on bigger ships that offer those plus, full-length Broadway musicals or even acrobatic shows such as Cirque de Soleil.

You will not have a problem filling your day if you are a thrill seeker. Between the zip line, the surf simulator to the sky diving simulator, the hardest decision you will have to make is what to do next.


⚓Endless amount of Food⚓

You will be awe-inspired by the amount of food and types of food you will experience on a daily basis while being on board.  There are buffets where you can try almost any type of food you can image to the main dining room where you will be treated with excellent service while enjoying your meal.  If you can’t decide which dessert you want, try them both!


So, get the whole crew together and set sail with VideoDrop and capture all your special memories.  VideoDrops are boat loads of fun🌞

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