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What are VideoDrops?

The only mobile app that lets you add video as well as photos to your creative projects, Penless makes it quick and easy to personalize crafts and gifts like never before.
4.8 stars on IOS and Android

Scan & Attach

Use the Penless App to scan our custom-designed QR codes to add a video.


Add the QR code to any gift, photo album, scrapbook, invitation, gift card, bottle of wine, and more.

Easy to use. Easier to share.

Messages can be viewed using any free QR reader or smart phone camera.

VideoDrop Stickers

Sticker packs for Fall, Back to School, Football and Cheer Season and more.
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"Great for keeping long distance relatives and even grandparents in the loop & making them feel even more special than they already do!"
Stephaniew92 - ios
"Easy to use app that allows you to give that extra touch of personalization. A fun and unique sticker to make those special moments more memorable."
kyma16 - ios
"I think Penless is a super cool idea! It's easy to use, and I think people will really enjoy seeing live videos and pics this way!"
Amy Moore - android
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Videos can be 1 minute long and you can add photos, Snapchats, Instagram stories, iMovies, Animojis, JibJabs and more.

Anyone with a QR code scanner (your iOS camera is a scanner now too!), but you can set it to private so only the phone number of your recipient can view it.

They can be used on anything – flowers, gifts, coffee mugs, lockers, wine bottles, gift cards, greeting cards, photo albums, scrapbooks. The possibilities are literally endless.

Yes, it’s FREE. Just download it from your favorite app store.

We're Penless

At Penless, sharing Videos is a sticky business. From downloadables to stickers to labels and more, VideoDrops attach themselves to any of our products, making gift giving and crafting a truly memorable experience.
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