Grow Your Event Planning Business

Unlock the tools and secrets to successful event planning, propelling your event business to new heights with our VideoDrop Products.

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Grow Your Event
Planning Business

Unlock the tools and secrets to successful event planning, propelling your event business to new heights with our VideoDrop Products.

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Elevate your event planning ideas with easy-to-use stickers.

Personalization at your fingertips. Discover new ideas to market your clients’ businesses and capture special moments for your events using our VideoDrop products. Share video content and unique personalized gifts, gift cards, and personalized thank you cards with clients and guests.



Use the Penless App to scan our custom-designed QR codes.


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Select a photo or video from your phone and click upload.



Stick your QR code to any gift, photo album, invitation & more.

VideoDrop messages can be viewed using any free QR reader or smart phone camera.

Use VideoDrop products in your event planning projects.

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What's the difference?

Two different products. Many endless possibilities.​


From heartfelt messages to dazzling product showcases, each sticker offers a unique video tailored to its design and recipient. Each sticker can have a different message, but if you want to attach the same video to another sticker, it’s as easy as scan, attach, and repeat.



Experience the convenience of having a single video file that can be printed multiple times or used on multiple pieces. Just download the .jpg file and print it yourself or add it to your design files or Shutterstock pieces. There are endless possibilities.

Get inspired for your next event planning journey.

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About Penless VideoDrops

Penless is proud to have a thriving online and in-person community of crafters, creators, and makers. Join the party to share ideas and inspiration.

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Wedding Event

Wedding Invitations

Incorporating a personalized video message into wedding invitations adds an interactive and heartfelt dimension, allowing couples to share their love story in a dynamic and engaging way, forging a deeper connection with their guests even before the big day.

Wedding Card for Event Planning

Wedding Place Cards

By integrating personalized video messages into wedding place cards, couples can infuse each guest’s seating assignment with a heartfelt touch, creating an immersive and memorable experience that enhances the celebration.

Wedding Gifts

Adding a personalized video message to wedding gifts creates a lasting memory, enhancing the connection between the giver and the newlywed couple.

Thank Yous

Crafting wedding thank yous with a personalized video message not only expresses sincere gratitude but also adds a deeply heartfelt touch, allowing couples to convey their appreciation in a uniquely memorable and intimate way.

Baby Shower Event

Baby Shower Invitations

Attaching a video to a baby shower invite captures the essence of the moment, allowing loved ones to share in the anticipation and excitement firsthand.

Baby Shower Props/Games

Video stickers add a playful element into party games, adding interactive features that enhance engagement and enjoyment, making the entire experience more memorable for all participants.
Baby Shower Event Planning

Baby Shower Gifts

Attaching a video to a baby gift infuses it with heartfelt sentiment, offering a unique and unforgettable experience that complements the joy of the occasion perfectly.

Baby Shower Thank Yous

A personal video on a thank you card conveys genuine gratitude with a personal touch, capturing the joy of the occasion, creating cherished memories for years to come.

Corporate Event

Event Planning Invitations

Corporate Invitations

Adding video to corporate invitations adds vibrancy, a personal touch, and engagement, which enhances overall appeal and drives up attendance. What’s more personal than a direct message from the CEO?

Corporate Event Planning Invitation

Corporate Thank Yous

Integrating video into thank you letters elevates sincerity, personalization, and professionalism. Why not try a personal thank you to sponsors and donors? Or a sincere thank you from a manager to team member?

Corporate Raffles

Adding video to raffle tickets heightens anticipation and excitement, which amplifies engagement and enhances the overall raffle experience. Use video to tease the raffle prizes and increase raffle ticket sales.