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Camp Kids Sticker Pack


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QR code stickers are a convenient way for campers to share their experiences with friends and family. These stickers can be customized with a personal video message by simply scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera. Camp kids are sure to love the new sticker packs available, featuring colorful designs and fun camping themes. These stickers are perfect for decorating backpacks, water bottles, and other camping essentials. With the ease of QR code technology, campers can easily share all of their camping adventures with loved ones who couldn’t make the trip. Simply apply the custom sticker to your camping gear, photo albums and scrapbooks, and anyone can access your videos and memories with a quick scan. With these new stickers and video-sharing options, camping trips will be even more memorable and shareable than ever before.
Our stickers come 4 to a pack. Each sticker is 1.5 x 1.5 inch.
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