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Do You See What I am Saying?

I never knew where the idiom “Do you see what I am saying?” came from.  It seemed like more of an oxymoron to me than anything.  Because how can you see what I am saying.  And in fact it is also hard to say what I am seeing sometimes.


I remember for example when I was young, for a school demonstration, I stood back-to-back with someone and they tried to describe for me how to tie a tie I had put around my neck.  The science teacher was trying to make a point.  I had never tied a tie before and so it was challenging.  But it also demonstrated how hard it is to describe things.  You can leave out important details, like bits and pieces of instructions.  So lets put it this way, I would never have shown up for an interview the way I tied that tie.



Gifting is not an easy process because as well as we know someone, we often do not know him or her well enough to get him or her a great gift that is especially true year after year.  This is true even for the people we love the most.  And here is the other clincher, our tastes change like other aspects of our lives change, and so do our needs.  So what is the point, there never has been a good way to describe what we want.  There are more details then we think.  When you give a gift, it is important to know interests, what people already have, what they want, if it comes in colors, what color, if it comes in sizes, what size?  There is more than we think we know and it is impossible to tell it all.


That was until I tried Penless.  Now I always see what your saying and you can see what I am saying.  This is true in a lot of different ways from the Penless Messaging to My Stuff and my Friends Stuff, Penless has features that really convey exactly what I am thinking and help me see what you are thinking.  Throughout the gifting process, Penless is there to help me get or receive the perfect gift.


But how does the gifting app work?  It works like this:


Using the QR code messaging feature for example, I can show someone exactly what I am trying to tell him or her in a greeting card or on a gift card.  I use the QR code messaging to attach a video or picture right onto paper, gift, or any object.  So, Tuesday I went whale watching with a friend.  I videotaped a whale breeching out of the water while I was taking a selfie.  I had a Penless Postcard in hand, so I attached my video to the QR Code on the postcard.  And then I sent it to my friend Alex.  I actually used the privacy feature, so only Alex could read the card.  And then I mailed it to him.  Alex loves the ocean and is thinking of becoming an Oceanographer.  Penless PostcardWay to go Alex.


Also, it was Alex’s birthday soon.  And when I got back to shore, I saw a t-shirt of a Blue Whale.  I knew that I wouldn’t be back here.  So I decided to buy the gift right then and there.  And I looked to see if Alex had put his size on Penless and sure enough he did.  So it was easy to get him that gift.

At the same time, I saw a sea otter t-shirt.  And that t-shirt was something I wanted for myself on my birthday, but instead of buying it, I put it on my wish list.  I also, put the website in Penless because there is a place for that too, so someone could get it on-line.  If I had found it myself on Penless on the web, the exact location of the website would have been saved automatically.  I think Pam is going to get that gift for me on my birthday.  The neat thing was is that I could show her the exact shirt I wanted because there were several otter shirts and many colors to choose from.  So there you go.  Now with Penless, you can see what I am saying and say what I am seeing and visa versa.  Do you see what I am saying?



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