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Penless Products

Have you checked out all the cool products Penless has to offer? Here is a list of some of the products.  All of them have a QR Code so you can attach your own video or photo using the FREE Penless app and share! 

Postcards – Travelers can correspond by letting those at home “see what they saw” by sending it through the mail with a video or picture attached.  It has everything you want in a postcard with even more personality.  Your personality. And because each card has a unique QR code, every card is a one of a kind experience.


Greeting Cards –  No other greeting card on today’s market allows you to attach a video or picture to paper. There are many different styles of the Penless greeting cards.  For example, the Heart greeting card can be used for any birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or just because.  The Flowers greeting card can be used for any birthday, Mother’s Day, Easter and more.  There is also a Birthday Cake card and one with just a QR code with a ribbon around it that can be used for any occasion. There is no one else like you, so why send someone else’s message!


Go-Anywhere Stickers – Complement any gift or make a kind gesture even more memorable by attaching a Penless G0-Anywhere Sticker.  They are compact, convenient, versatile, and inexpensive.  You can stick it on a gift card, cup of coffee, card…the possibilities are endless!


Bookmarks – With two different styles of Bookmarks, they make the perfect complement when you’re gifting a book.  It will bring a smile with every page turned.

Penless bookmark - Read, Break, smile, laugh, repeat

Wine Tags – The Wine Tag is the perfect way to share a message with some cheer.  Next time you are giving a bottle of wine, remember to attach a Penless Wine Tag to enjoy!


wine label enjoy this gift 3 packwine label cheers to you 3 pack

With the unique messaging feature on the Penless products, you can upload videos and photos from your smart phone onto a Postcard, Greeting Card, Go-Anywhere Sticker, Bookmark, or Wine Tag to make gifting even more memorable.  So many of us want to turn back to paper because it is more personal, but the sticking point remains that paper cannot carry a video image…until now!


Penless has the QR CODE with a HIGH IQ!


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