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Collect Myself

I rarely shop for anything and I am really flexible on the gifts I receive.  So why am I so interested in Penless?  Well, one reason is I am a collector of baseball cards.  And when you collect a lot of cards, you need to be careful when you are looking at them.  And I have hundreds of cards.  But since I downloaded Penless, I started putting my favorite baseball cards on My Idea Board.  That way I can have my cake and eat it too.  I keep the electronic images on the Penless cloud, and I can look at those images anytime I want.  And I can put the actual cards on the shelf.  The Idea Board allows me to make notes on the cards too.  And I can share those images with friends and family.


I also like cars and I surf the web for different makes and models.  I like old and new varieties just the same.  While I do not expect a car for a gift, I will often take a screen shot or a picture when I am at a car show, and I use the notes to put facts about the automobile:  Facts such as the horsepower or pickup.


I like everything from the old Thunderbirds to the new Tesla to everything in between.  Formula one cars are my favorite, but I also like stock car racing.  Sprint Cup racing is huge.


We have a trip planned to Daytona and I am looking forward to sending my friends back home a Penless Message.  I will of course add pictures of my favorite cars to my Idea Board.  Hey I might even use the Wish List section in the Penless app to take pictures of things I want for my birthday at Daytona.  I mean hey, why not, it is all at my fingertips with Penless.

My favorite feature though is the QR code scanning and messaging, because I can scan and save images on the QR codes of cars I like on my trips to NASCAR events, and then I stick the QR code above the fireplace on the mantle.  When friends come over they can scan up and down the codes and search for pictures and videos of racecars they like.

Then after a while I take those QR codes down and put them in a scrapbook and stick new ones to my mantle.

The QR code is so versatile for both keeping track of my different collection items, and sharing with friends.  If they like an image I share on a QR code, after they scan and view the video or picture, they can save it in their Penless Library on the Penless cloud to return to again and again.

And I will keep returning to my baseball cards and racecars.  I suspect within a year I will be seeing more and more Penless users out there on the racetrack.  Richard Petty has a driving experience that spectators can see what the drivers experience is during the race.  I plan to bring Penless into the car and video that experience for the next Christmas cards I send out.  I hope my driver is a good one.  What better way to celebrate than from the seat of a racecar.







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