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Giving the Perfect Gift


I am not going to mince words, I am not a good shopper.  Nor do I enjoy it.  When I heard of the Penless app  last year, with the Wish List feature, I was thrilled.  I told many of my friends who did not already have the app what a time saver this feature is.  With my nieces and nephew’s birthdays  within the next few weeks, I have some shopping to do.  Fortunately, both of them have the Penless app and have many items on their wish list.  I have both of their wish lists accessible on my phone.  At least the items that they want me to see.  Adding items to a Penless wish list is so easy to do.  Just take a picture of the item, mark it public or private, add a quick description, and where to buy it.  Done.


Before Penless, I would always get them gifts for Christmas and birthdays.  Many of the gifts were impersonal gift cards.  If I did venture out and get them an actual gift that I spent time looking for, I never saw it again.  Especially clothes – I never saw it on them. I don’t know if it was the style, the color, the size, or a combination of all three.  I guess that is why I stopped buying gifts that I was pretty sure they would never use or wear and went to the gift card option.


Well, this year, Penless has definitely helped me with that problem.  Ever since they have downloaded the app, and updated their wish lists, I can do all their shopping without even leaving my house.  While browsing the web, and seeing something they like, they save the item.  The app will also save the URL so I can go straight to the internet and see exactly where to buy it.  They also specify color and size so there is basically no guesswork for me!

Other ways to add to the Wish List is to upload photos that you already have on your phone.  You can also snap a picture of something when you are in a store and add it directly to your wish list.  From the size, to the color, to the store, it is all right there on the wish list.  No more giving the impersonal gift card.  I now can give the perfect gift each time.  And it’s personal!


With Penless there is so much more meaning with each gift you give.

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