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Behind the QR Code

The QR code is an amazing tool for communication.  After scanning it with their phone or another device, the user can be directed to a website or some content on the web.  The QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response Code) was first designed for the automotive industry in Japan.  It was invented in 1994 for the purpose of tracking vehicles during manufacturing using high-speed component scanning.  Due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to the standard UPC barcode, the QR code system became popular outside the automotive industry.


A very common use for the QR code is consumer advertising.  A smartphone is typically used as a QR code scanner.  QR codes can be found everywhere today including in magazines, business cards, t-shirts, on products, and even on a large billboard in Japan, linking to the Japanese website.  With its greater use, it will revolutionize how marketers convert prospects into customers.  The sheer convenience of the code helped heighten the popularity among the general public.  It is an indispensable tool for many businesses and in people’s daily lives.  I use it anytime I go to the airport and board my flight.  Since the airports have implemented the flight ticket issuing system, there is no need for paper boarding passes anymore.


Penless has taken the QR code one step further like putting on their products such as wine tags and bookmarks.With the Penless QR code, not only can I scan it, but I can make it personal.  With the QR code writer, I can upload a video message or a picture and attach it to the QR code for someone else to scan later.  With the Penless Go Anywhere sticker, the possibilities are almost endless.  For example, I can affix the sticker on a cup of coffee for a co-worker or on a gift card for a friends birthday.  It makes each gift very thoughtful with a multimedia dimension.

There are also many other Penless products that have the QR code already on them such as the Wine tags, bookmarks, greeting cards and postcards.  So, think of Penless next time you are sending a birthday card or giving someone a bottle of wine.  They are sure to appreciate the personal touch when they scan the QR code and see the message or picture.


So, if you like to take pictures or videos, be creative and use a Penless message to tell your story on paper to a friend.

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