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Fabulous Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city that speaks for itself. We’ve all heard stories from friends and family, and we all have our own opinion of this famous city. Ever since I moved to California it’s been so much easier to visit Vegas, as opposed to having to drive across an entire state and a half to visit. My girlfriend is a huge fan of Las Vegas and really loves the shows, specifically magic shows. We go at least once a year and every time we go, we buy tickets to a show.

There is an abundance of activities to choose from when in Las Vegas. Personally, I’m not very big on gambling. I’m also not in my twenties anymore so the club scene doesn’t do it for me. I really go to Vegas for the sightseeing. I love the architecture and creativity put into making the city different than any other. You could spend a whole day just sightseeing, but you still wouldn’t see everything Vegas has to offer. My favorite places are the Venetian Grand Canal  , Caesar’s Palace, and New York-New York. Although these are fairly common places in Vegas, they display an innovative mind and detailed design.


The shopping in Vegas is also a whole other world. There are stores that are common among shopping malls, but there are also store that are completely unique from any other. The M&M’s World Shop  Hershey’s Chocolate World and the Coca-Cola Store are all very well-known brands that created their own worlds of different flavors and merchandise for their enthusiastic customers. As a shopper, you can taste-test the infinite flavors that are unavailable at most other vendors or during certain seasons. The merchandise is also that of rare quality, including collectables and customizable items.


During trips like this, my girlfriend and I both use Penless products to share our adventures with our friends and family. There are Penless Stickers  that are styled to look like poker chips, which I think are great when I send videos of our Vegas trips. I like to buy a post card while I’m in Vegas and I put the poker chip sticker on the back and send it to my parents in Colorado. I’ve also put the stickers on souvenirs and presents and sent them to loved ones. I hope to see a Las Vegas Penless Postcard soon because I’ve gotten the Grand Canyon postcard once and I must say, those are such a treat to receive! My parents would love getting one of those.


Happy travels!

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