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What Happens in Vegas…

Today is the last day of the World Market Gift Show in Las Vegas.  I went to the show yesterday.  The booths I liked the best were the ones with products that are different and innovated.  I spent quite a bit of time at the Penless booth.  Penless is the only company in the market focused on improving the entire cycle of the gifting experience.  Not only can you read a QR code, but with Penless, you actually write on the QR code for someone else to read.  What I mean by that is you can record a video message or take a picture and attach that message onto the QR code.  Penless has a whole bunch of products that have writable QR code.  You can choose from stickers, greeting cards, postcards, wine tags, and bookmarks. All these products add a personal touch when gifting.  It allows the user to connect electronically on a physical item with friends or family. 


One Penless item I know I will use quite a bit is the wine tag.  I get together with my friends for dinner at least once a month.  We rotate houses and I usually bring a bottle of wine for the hostess.  Now I can attach a Penless wine tag and upload a fun picture of the group or a silly video of us onto the QR code.  This makes the gift much more personal.


I am leaving for home today.  Vegas was a blast! I stayed at the Stratosphere and did the three rides: Big Shot, Insanity, and X-Scream. Big Shot is an exhilarating thrill ride that catapults riders to the top of the Tower to a height of 1,081 feet and down again. You will experience four ‘G’s of force on the way up, and feel negative ‘G’s on the way down.  Insanity spins passengers at a 70-degree angle all while reaching speeds up to 40 mph. X-Scream is like a combination of a giant teeter-totter and a roller coaster 900 feet above the ground. All of these rides were exhilarating and if you are a thrill seeker, I would recommend all three.   I don’t get to Las Vegas that often, but each time I do, it is definitely an experience. The best part of my trip was the Gift Show.  If you have time, check it out.  Penless is in Pavilion #1, booth 4155. 

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